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Key Features: Region Free DVD Players

Code Free Or Region Free DVD Players
Region free DVD Players can play any region code PAL/NTSC DVD movies from all regions with compatible TV


Simply digital video disc and now known as digital versatile disc since computer hardware and software industries joined the medium. A single DVD can store large amount of both audio and video data-up to 8 hours of full motion picture with multiple versions.

Horizontal Resolution

This term is used to determine color accuracy of an image. More lines of resolution means better picture. Most DVD players are capable of 500 plus lines of resolution compared to laser disc players at 425 lines, Super VHS at 400 lines and VHS at 240 lines.


The digital audio standard for DVD players.


Is associated with signal's color portion of an image.


To connect DVD players to S-VHS input of a TV for best picture quality. This type of connection requires a special cable. S-VHS separates the video signal in to two parts. Chrominance (color) and luminance (brightness) which improves color accuracy. S-VHS outputs are found on Super VHS VCRs, Camcorders and also on HI-8 video products.

Component Video Output

Is one step higher than S-VHS video output. Component video output process the video signal's (brightness - luminance) and color chrominance separately. Further, it also divides chrominance (color) into two components for accurate color image.

Line Out (RCA JACKS)

Standard RCA type video jacks are available on most of our multi system VCRS, TVS and DVD players.

Digital Out

There are two types of digital output common in most DVD players. Coaxial and optical. Both require a special cable to connect to the digital input of Dolby digital ready receiver or other source. Digital output offers extreme wide bandwidth for optimum sound and picture quality.

Dolby @ Digital

Previously known as AC-3, Dolby digital is a new multi channel digital sound standard and usually refers to "5.1 channel" surround sound. The 5.1 channel sound system offers five full-bandwidth channel plus a low frequency channel for use with subwoofer to add in more bass.


This features in some DVD players eliminates the need of having Dolby digital system. The DVD player can downmix 5.1 channel soundtrack in to two channels and can be connected to Dolby prologic stereo system or a stereo receiver.


Luminance is associated with color video signal's brightness (black and white) portion.


A standard used for DVD to explain video signal compression. The average data rate ratio measures in DB (decibels). The higher ratio (DB) means less noise in the video signal. A DVD is rated to deliver S/N ratio of 65 DB than VHS VCR standard 40 DB.

Region Free DVD Players Click Here

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