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Easy VHS Playback
Watching what you've recorded is quick and easy! Just pop the cassette into the provided VHS cassette adapter and play it on your VHS video deck. All JVC vhs-c PAL Camcorders include vhs-c cassette adapter.

High Quality Picture with Digital Signal Processing
By using a special IC to digitally process the video signal, you can record a picture with low noise, better linearity over a broader range from high to low luminance, and improved vertical and horizontal clarity.

High-Resolution Colour Viewfinder
The high density colour viewfinder provides clear, natural looking images and makes it easier to identify your subject in "busy" surroundings.

3-inch or 4 inch LCD Monitor with Speaker
The 3-inch high-resolution viewscreen rotates 270° so you can tilt it down for high-angle overhead shooting in crowds, tilt it up for low angle shots with a kid's eye view, or point it forward for self-portraits. And with its built-in speaker, you can play back and watch your recordings instantly.

22x Optical Hyper Zoom
In approximately 2 seconds, you can zoom all the way to 22x telephoto for magnificent optical closeups. Zoom speed is variable by finger pressure.

44x Digital Hyper Zoom
In addition to 22x Optical Hyper Zoom, you can use the extra power of 44x Digital Hyper Zoom whenever you need to get extra close. Zoom speed is variable by finger pressure.

50x and 320x Digital Hyper Zoom with Numeric Readout
In Addition to 16x Optical Hyper Zoom, you can use the power of 50x Digital Hyper Zoom whenever you need to get extra close. Zoom speed is variable by finger pressure, and a numeric readout displayed in the viewfinder or LCD monitor keeps you advised of your current zoom magnification.

Picture Stabiliser
It recognises the user's unique camera-shake characteristics to eliminate shaky pictures more effectively. It's also smart enough to differentiate between camera-shake and intentional pans and tilts.

Snapshot Mode
Just push one button and you can record a still image onto video, complete with a shutter sound effect. These freeze-frame snapshots are a great way to accent group shots, weddings, anything you want.

Wide Angle
Just zoom out to get a wide-angle perspective that lets you fit everyone into the shot. Equivalent to a 36mm lens on a 35mm camera.

Built-In Auto Light
Automatically turns on or off depending on how bright the surrounding light is, so you can concentrate on your shot instead of the lighting.

Auto Pilot System
Count on hassle-free recording with fully automated focusing, white balance, exposure, and more!

LP (Long Play) Mode
For up to 120 minutes of recording on a single cassette.

Program Manager II
JVC's easy function-access system evolves again, delivering even speedier direct access to a wide variety of features including Super LoLux, Programme AE with Special Effects, and Instant Titles.

0.4 and 0.6 Super LoLux
At the touch of a button, Super LoLux boosts low light sensitivity to 0.6 lux for performance that counts in real-life shooting situations.

Program AE with Special Effects
By simply turning a dial, you can use any of these great built-in effects: #Sepia #Twilight #Sports #Hi-Speed Shutter #Fog Filter #ND Filter #Nega/Position

Digital Wipes & Fades
Give your videos a pro "feel" using digital effects like Mosaic fader, Shutter Wipe and Slide Wipe, and other effects such as black fader, for slick scene transitions.

"EasyEdit" with Multi-Brand Random Assemble Editing
Just choose up to 8 scenes, and at the touch of a button they're copied to a connected deck in the order you want. The provided Multi-Brand Remote Control gives you the power to perform "EasyEdit" with various brands of video recorders.

Full-Function Remote Control
In addition to operation from a distance, the provided remote adds a host of valuable functions to the Camcorder including Insert Editing and Audio Dubbing.


Multimedia Interfacing
Through the J-Terminal you can easily integrate the Camcorder with a PC and multimedia peripherals to create a computer-controlled video playback and image capture system.

Progressive scan CCD
Virtually all Camcorders, analogue or digital, employ the conventional interlace scan system in which only half a frame (a field) is recorded at a time. This works well for full-motion images, but a 1/50-second gap exists between the processing of each field. Combining two fields results in smooth full-motion images, but this time gap causes picture blur when paused. To create razor-sharp still images progressive scan technology is needed. This simply means that an entire frame image is recorded in one scan. As there is no time gap, there is no picture blur when frame data is used for stills. This is ideal for playback, and also for printing or capturing still pictures to your computer.
In addition to clear freeze-frame stills, the progressive scan CCD provides extremely high vertical resolution - the equivalent of 900,000-pixel quality - when the two fields are combined into a frame-still image. This is because conventional CCD image sensors combine signals from adjacent scanning lines for processing, whereas the scanning lines of a progressive scan CCD are processed individually.

Progressive colour filter
JVC's own progressive complementary colour filter generates a pure signal from each scanning line. Together with the progressive scan CCD, this approach results in excellent sensitivity and raises vertical resolution - a major determinant of picture quality - to an impressive 560 lines. Greater sensitivity is also provided by the bright, large-aperture F1.2 lens.

band processor
The third key to ensuring first-rate picture quality is a high-band processor. By restoring the high-band component of the luminance signal that is removed to avoid interference with the chrominance signal, this expands horizontal resolution to 500 lines.

lens brightest in the class
The large-aperture lens assures enhanced sensitivity, so you can shoot scenes with very low noise in low-light conditions.

3 OR 4-inch colour LCD monitor
You can be sure of a clear picture from the large LCD monitor with its anti-reflection and anti-glare coating. It can rotate almost full circle (270° : 90° downward, 180° upward). As well as making shooting easier, this is great for reviewing footage.

Optical zoom + digital zoom with spline interpolation
In addition to the optical zoom, the PAL System CybeRCAm offers digital zoom and Super Digital Zoom. To smooth contours and ensure high picture quality, both digital zoom modes generate spline interpolation data from progressive scan frame images.

PCM digital stereo
You can also count on high-quality sound thanks to the provision of PCM digital stereo audio, with a choice of either 2-channel (16-bit, 48khz) or 4-channel (12-bit, 32khz) recording.

Digital effects
One of the unique features of JVC's PAL System CyberCam series is the wide range of special effects and scene transitions, many of which are even available during playback.

Special Effects
Black & White, Sepia, Classic Film, Video Echo, Cinema, Strobe, Twilight Variable-speed Shutter,(1/500, 1/250, 1/100, 1/50 sec.), Slow Shutter

Scene Transitions
White Fader, Black Fader, Black & White Fader, Shutter Wipe, Slide Wipe Door Wipe, Corner Wipe, Window Wipe, Scroll Wipe, Dissolve, Random

User-friendly automation
Just pull out the colour viewfinder or open the LCD monitor and the lens cover opens, power turns on and you are ready to shoot! The GR-DVL9000 powers down automatically as well, so there is no need to worry about leaving it switched on by mistake. Battery power is conserved, and the lens is protected when not in use.

EasyEdit (RAE) with special effects & scene transitions
EasyEdit (Random Assemble Editing) lets you pick up to 8 scenes at a time and recompile them on another videotape without using a computer. Just connect the your PAL CyberCam to a VCR, specify the order of scenes using the remote control, and presto! You can even add special effects and scene transitions. Other post-production possibilities include insert editing (leaving the audio tracks intact) and stereo audio dubbing (leaving the video intact).

Multi-Brand remote control
The PAL System Cybercam is supplied with a slim remote control that is compatible with multiple VCR brands.


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