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JVC Multisystem VCRs : Features Specs

Multi-System Compatibility
PAL/SECAM/NTSC3.58/NTSC4.43 Compatibility
JVC vcr enables you to watch and enjoy videos from many different countries around the world.

NTSC Playback on PAL Television
is also possible, so you can view a wide varity of NTSC VHS software even if you don't own a multi-system TV.

G/K/I/M-System RF Converter lets you connect directly to any of these types of PAL, SECAM or NTSC televisions.

AV 6-Head System
This high-performance 6-head system incorporates four separate video heads to make LP(Pal/ MESECAM) and EP (NTSC) recording and playback possible, plus two FM audio heads for Hi-Fi stereo sound*. *Hi-Fi audio recording in NTSC EP mode is not possible.

NTSC3.58/4.43 Recording Capability
lets you edit NTSC tapes for your own video library, in addition to conventional PAL and MESECAM.

Plug & Play (Auto Tune)
Tuner setup is performed automatically, simplifying installation. All receivable channelsare stored in the recorder's tuner, and all other channels are skipped.

Tape Resume
Even if a power outage occurs during recording or timer-recording, it's no problem. Whenpower is restored, tape recording is automatically resumed, so you won't miss the end ofthe programme.

Hyperband Compatible Tuner
Hyperband allows reception of cable broadcasts-ideal if you receive cable service now or plan to in the future. You can also record cable programmes and watch them later, or trade them with friends.

B.E.S.T. Picture System
The B.E.S.T. (Biconditional Equalised Signal Tracking) Intelligent IC automatically judges video head condition to maintain peak performance over a longer period of time, and calibrates tape quality to bring out the best possible performance with any grade of tape.

Wide Quality
At the touch of a button, JVC's Wide Quality technology boosts the quality of large-screen pictures by...
*Enhancing Details: Fine details are reproduced with improved clarity, so even large-screen images can be viewed without losing of the minute details.
*Increasing Contrast: Image contrast is heightened to provide a vivid high-contrast picture edge to edge.
Wide Quality lets you enjoy dynamic 16:9 wide-screen images at their best. And naturally, these improvements can be seen with conventional 4:3 screens. Choose Wide Quality for quality you'll enjoy as much tomorrow as you will today.

VHS ProDIGI Circuitry
Technologies adopted from top-of-the-line Super VHS recorder, plus advance new circuits, improve fundamental picture performance-clarity, colour, and a higher S/N ratio.

G-Code Instant Programming
With built-in G-Code system, timer programming is as easy as dialing a phone number-just tap-in the code number (listed in TV guides) for the TV programme you wish to record!

This sound system lets you enjoy enchanced home cinema and "home stage" sound with any stereo TV-no additional speakers neccessary.

Spatializer® expands the sound field while keeping vocals in the middle, making it ideal for both karaoke and movies. It works with any stereo source-Video CD, music CD, or Hi-Fi VHS video-and a Simulated Stereo mode is also provided to liven up old monoaural material.

TimeScan with Dynamic Drum System
The unique TimeScan function uses JVC's original Dynamic Drum System which precisely tilts the head drum to match the tape velocity, delivering noiseless fast-motion playback in forward and reverse at speeds pf up to 9 times normal. So you can catch the day's news or breeze through long sporting events and other recorded programmes, in just a fraction of the time you'd spend otherwise. But there's more to TimeScan than a distortionless fast-motion picture - a Digital Audio Memory actually plays back the sound in the proper direction and at normal speed, even when scanning in reverse!(TimeScan audio is monaural. Sound loss may be noticeable particularly during higher speeds) So you can search for what you want based on what you hear as well as what you see. TimeScan from JVC - advanced technology for advance viewing.

3R Picture System
JVC's 3R (Resolution and Response Recovery) circuit accelerates response to the playback signal to recover its original characteristics. The visible result is a picture that looks sharper and "better focused", with a heightened sense of resolution.

Rental Return
When you finish watching a tape, just push one button - the video deck automatically stops, rewinds, and ejects the tape for you. Really convenient when returning rental video software to the rental store.

Instant Review
One press automatically turns on the video deck, rewinds, finds the beginning of the programme that was recorded, and starts playback for you.

Scene Finder
At the touch of a button, the video deck displays quick glimpses of what's on the tape at regular intervals so you can easily find the scene you want without having to watch the whole cassette.

B/G,D/K,I,M Tuner
allows reception and recording of these types PAL, SECAM and NTSC television broadcasts.

Upgraded Hi-Fi VHS Stereo Sound
High-Performance Audio Condenser - the type used in hi-fi audio components. Nicam Digital Stereo and A2 German Stereo (Zweiton) Decoders for reception of stereo broadcasts Zero Cross-Switching Noise Reduction

Super Quick Drive
JVC's full-loading tape drive mechanism goes from Stop to Play in a mere 0.6 seconds and offers accelerated speed in all areas of tape transport.

Super Head Cleaner
This automatic head cleaning mechanism offers greatly increased wiping capability using a newly incorporated high-density cleaning roller with improved head contact. It helps eliminate head clogging, optimise long-term performance, and reduce maintenance.

TV/FM Simulcast Recording
You can easily record FM stereo simulcasts* of TV programmes. Since Hi-Fi VHS Stereo maintains the superior sound of FM stereo, your recorded tapes will sound like expensive prerecorded software. Naturally, second-language simulcasts* are just as easy to record *Separate FM tuner is necessary.

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