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 Click on the categories below for 220 Volt Appliances 220V/50hz Small and Large

Dish washers 220V

Cooking Ranges

Microwave ovens

Food Disposers

Air Conditioners Dehumidifiers

Vacuum Cleaners

220 Volt Fans

Rechargeable Lanterns Flash Lights

Insect Killers 220V

Irons 220V 50HZ

Sewing Machines

Heating Pads

Hair Dryers, Curling Irons, Hair Straightners

Clock Radios

Hair Clippers, Trimmers, Shavers

Power Tools

International Plug Adapters

PAL/NTSC All Region DVD Recorders

DVD Player Recorder Set PAL/NTSC

DVD Players - Plays Any DVD

PAL/NTSC Signal Converters

Region free All Region DVD Players - Click on the categories below

Portable DVD Players

Home Theater Systems Region Free

DVD/VCR Converter Combo

110/220V Dual Voltage DVD Players

All Code Free DVD Players

Mini Stereo DVD Systems

Shop for PAL format camcorders from the categories below

MiniDV PAL Camcorders

DVD Camcorders PAL Format

Hard Disk Drive Camcorders

Voltage Converters/Transformers/Adapters. Click on the categories below

Travel Voltage Converters

Universal AC/DC Adapters

International Plug Adapters

Dual Voltage Travel Appliances

International Phone Jacks

UPS Power Backup 220V

Surge Protectors 220 Volt

Power Inverters

Multi System VCR's, Multi System DVD/VCR Combo Units

Multi-System VCR's PAL/NTSC 110/220 Volt

Multi System DVD/VCR Combo Players

VCR Video Converter Set

Multi System TV's, LCD Plasma Multi System TV's

Sony Multi System LCD TV's


All LCD TV's PAL/NTSC 110/220V

Hitachi LCD, Plasma,TV's

Multi System TV's 40"to 46"

Big Screen TV's 46" to 52"

110/220V Stereo Systems, Mini, Micro, Portable, DVD Stereo Systems

Mini-Micro Stereo Systems 110/220 Volt

AV Receivers 110/220 Volt

Home Theater Systems

220 Volt Appliances

Vacuum Cleaners 220 Volt

Sewing Machines

Humidifires and Air Purifiers

Cloth Irons

Ceiling Fans, Stand Fans

Heating Pads 220 Volt

Plug Adapters Converter for worldwide use

International Adapter Plugs

Voltage Converter Adapter Kit

Step-Down Voltage Transformer 220V to 110V

Step Up-Down Voltage Transformer 110V 220V

220 Volt Cordlessphones, 220 Volt Cordless Phones Answering Systems

220V Cordless Phones

Fax Machines 220 Volt

Multi System LCD TV's. Multisystem PAL/NTSC LCD TV's for Worldwide use



Toshiba PAL/NTSC 110/220V TV's

All PAL/NTSC LCD Televisions

Large 220/240 Volt Appliances

Refrigerators and Freezers 220V

Washers Dryers

Food Disposers

Electric Ranges Gas Ranges

 220 Volt Kitchen Appliances - Small and Large

Food Processors

Mini Choppers

Deep Fryers

Electric Kettles

Coffee Grinders

Electric Knife

Can Openers

Rice Cookers, Steamers

slow cookers

Bread Makers

Meat Grinders

Popcorn Maker

Sandwich Makers

Tortilla Makers

Waffle Makers

Juicers, Citrus Juicers

Toasters, Toaster Ovens

Microwave Ovens

Electric Burners

Kettles, Tea Pots

Toaster Ovens

Multi Preparation Machine

Spice/Coffee Grinders

Cooking Ranges

Refrigerators, Freezers

Dish Washers

Food Disposers

Home Theater Systems, Multi Region DVD Home Theater Systems

DVD Home Theater Systems PAL/NTSC Multi Region

Receivers, Amplifiers

GSM Unlocked Cellular Phones, GSM Dual Band, Triband, Quadband Phones

Sony Ericsson Cellular Phones

Panasonic GSM Cellular Phones

LG GSM Unlocked Cellularphones

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