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Stamina Handycams
Sony specially designed the Stamina Series PAL System Handycam Camcorder for low power consumption, to give you super long battery life! Perfect for travel, the Stamina Series is not only lightweight, but its long battery life means you don't have to lug around the weight of extra batteries or stop the action to recharge. Take the worry out of Camcorder use - the Stamina Handycam keeps you on the move.

InfoLithium Battery System
The InfoLithium intelligent rechargeable battery displays remaining battery charge and precise remaining recording time in minutes on the viewfinder.

Colour LCD Screen
The full-colour LCD monitor makes Camcorder operation a joy. By rotating 300 degrees vertically, 90 degrees horizontally and even folding back against the main body, the LCD monitor allows high/low angle shooting, mirror mode/self shooting, and instant playback of your videos in beautiful, full colour, right on the Camcorder!

Video Hi8 XR (Extended Resolution)
Sony's digital technology delivers super picture quality through the newly-developed XR system. For PAL Hi8 Camcorders, the video Hi8 XR system achieves 440 TV lines of horizontal resolution. Utilizing the Hyper MIG Head, Sony Handycams realized optimum recording results through 30% higher luminance signals and a dramatic reduction in luminance noise.

Digital Zoom
The Digital Zoom ensures that your subject is always within range. Use the 18x Optical Zoom for crystal clear magnification, or the 220x Digital Zoom when you want to get close to the action. Sony's PAL System Camcorders are available with 180X, 220X, 330x and 360x digital zoom with 18x and 20x optical zoom.

Electronic Steady Shot
Electronic Steady Shot eliminates blur caused by shaky hand movements during recording. The system compensates for vibrations found in ordinary recording systems. Plus, highly responsive motion sensors ensure that Electronic Steady Shot works even when using zoom or shooting in low-light conditions.

0 Lux NightShot
With Sony's innovative NightShot, you can capture video images in the dark, even under 0 Lux lighting conditions. In NightShot mode, an infrared ray is emitted automatically from your Handycam, allowing you to capture your subject clearly enough for identification when it is within the recommended distance of 3m.

Video IR Light
Create spectacular night time videos with the Video IR(Infrared) Light. The centre light works as a normal video light, brightening your subject for beautiful results under low light or back-light conditions. The two side lights emit an invisible infrared ray (variable intensity), enhancing the functioning of the NightShot feature by capturing objects in the dark up to 20m away. The IR light gives you remarkably clear video results, even in 0 Lux conditions.

HiFi AFM Stereo
To achieve top-quality sound for your video masterpieces, Some Sony PAL Camcorders include a sophisticated AFM HiFi stereo system, which captures even the most subtle sounds with sharp, true-to-life accuracy.

New Human Interface
The Sony Handycam's new Human Interface allows for easy operation through on-screen icons. You can select the function you want easily by choosing from the icons in the on-screen display. The Human Interface also includes a unique beep sound to indicate that a selection has been made.

Picture Effects
Add a creative look to your videos with Sony's Picture Effects. Sony's PAL Camcorder offers special visual effects from which to choose: Slim, Stretch, Mosaic, Solarization, Monotone, Sepia, Negative Art and Pastel.

Programme Auto Exposure
Each of Programme Auto Exposure's six distinct models automatically adjust to create the optimum depth perception and exposure for your subject. Select from Spotlight, Soft Portrait, Sports Lesson, Beach & Ski, Sunset & Moon or Landscape to simplify difficult shooting conditions.

1/3" CCD Camera System
The camera system incorporates 1/3" CCD containing 810,000 pixels (PAL System). This high-density system employs an operating frequency of 13.5MHz, the same as the DV format sampling frequency, so there's no need for a converter and the smaller circuit consumes less power.

Digital Video Format [DV]
The digital video format (PAL System) virtually eliminates image and sound degradation during digital dubbing and editing. By making sophisticated error correction systems possible, this format provides a clean transfer of both video and audio signals, via the DV Terminal, to a digital VCR for superb editing and dubbing.

DV IN/OUT Terminal [IEEE 1394]
Sony's PAL System digital Camcorders Comes equipped with a DV IN/OUT Terminal, enabling a true digital interface with a variety of other digital recording and editing equipment -- even with your computer! The optional DV Capture Board allows you to transfer high-resolution digital images via the DV IN/OUT Terminal directly to your PC, where images can be viewed, stored, manipulated or edited, all with no loss in image quality.

Super Electronic Steedy Shot
Eliminate blurred scenes caused by shaky hands with Super Electronic Steady Shot. Steady Shot's sensors automatically adjust the angle of the active prism to compensate for unwanted hand motion. When taking zoom or telephoto shots, where the results of an unsteady hand are even more noticeable, the PAL System Handycam offers a horizontal (approx. 60%) and vertical (approx. 80%) stabilizing area in Telephoto Mode, for rock-steady close-ups.

Photo Mode Recording
Photo Mode Recording captures a perfect, still image, right on your Camcorder. With 7 seconds recording for each still image capture, Photo Mode also gives you the option of recording a voice-over with the image.

The Carl Zeiss Lens
In 1846 Carl Zeiss, together with Ernst Abbe and Otto Shot, established a lens factory which was destined to become one of the world's leading manufacturing centers.
Today Carl Zeiss is on the cutting edge of optics technology, epitomizing German precision and technology. The founders' principle of setting only for the best has been consistently upheld over the years and the superior quality of the Zeiss lens is acknowledged by photographers all over the world.
Realizing that the quality of the lens is the determining factor in the overall performance of the Camcorder, Sony is proud to offer for the first time in Camcorder history, an exclusive Handycam equipped with the Zeiss Lens.

Clear Frame Technology
An advanced frame memory system, Clear Frame Technology achieves an extremely stable still picture within a single frame, even when the subject captured is in motion. Clear Frame Technology enhances the appearance of still pictures in playback mode.

16:9 Wide Recording Modes
This feature in Sony's PAL Camcorder is Ideal for recording videos to be shown on 16 : 9 wide television screens. When you switch to this mode, the Camcorder automatically records in a 16:9 ratio, letting you enjoy full-screen playback of your video creations.

Colour Electronic Viewfinder
Featuring new pull-out type colour Viewfinder with high-density (113,000-pixel) colour LCD, It provides sharp, accurate colour display of your subject. Using Electronic Viewfinder instead of the LCD screen, further conserves battery life.

Laser Link
Now playing your recording need never be a constant tussle with wires! Some Sony PAL System Models comes with built-in Laser Link transmitter, and is ready for wireless playback capability. All you need to do is connect an optional Laser Link Receiver Unit (IFT-R10) to the TV, and it is ready to receive transmission from your handycam. The video and sound is transmitted via infrared beams, thereby eliminating the need for any physical connection to the TV. This frees you from connecting and disconnecting cables, for a truly wireless experience.

Professional 3-CCD Design
The DCR-TRV900E PAL System uses a prism to split the incoming light source into three primary components (red, green & blue). This allows its three separate CCDs to capture high quality benefits in colour accuracy and picture quality can be reaped over single-CCD cameras. In fact, with a total pixel count of 1.35 million and the multi-coated lens, pictures appear sharp and colours radiant.

Progressive Scan CCD - PAL System
The Progressive Scan CCD (Charge Coupled Device) offers excellent image quality - as images are recorded in one pass, instead of combining 2 separate fields (interlaced model). This offers exceptional clarity especially for capturing fast-paced action, eliminating ghosting or unwanted colour cast. Progressive Scan mode is especially useful in Photo mode for the best still picture. Recording can also be performed in interlaced mode, for capturing moving subject fluidly.

PC Interface with Floppy Adaptor
The DCR-TRV900E PAL System comes ready equipped to provide you with excellent VGA-quality JPEG images for your PC. Supplied with a floppy disk adaptor, you'll be able to take advantage of the low-cost and high compatibility of floppy disks - both as a means of storing and sharing your images. Transferring any Photo mode snapshot from the DV cassette is easy. Just select the Auto Photo Copy mode and all still images will be transferred onto the floppy disk, via the floppy disk adaptor. What's more, the progressive scan CCD image sensors capture pictures that are both crisp and focused - better than even some dedicated digital still cameras. In addition, any frame from your holiday video can also be captured and saved onto a floppy disk. And once on a floppy disk, your pictures are accessible with almost every PC.

Optional Memory Stick PC Card Adaptor
For the ultimate in speed and connectivity, Sony introduces the Memory Stick - the new standard in memory storage. Available as an option complete with a PC card adaptor, the Memory Stick offers fast memory storage and retrieval. What's more, Memory Stick offers other advantages such as, random and fast access, as well as speedy read/write speeds. In fact, with the Memory Stick and PC card inserted, the camera's repertoire also expands. Continuous recording mode, for example, lets you capture 4 pictures with 0.8 second intervals. And even more remarkable is Multi-mode, which provides 9 recorded images in one frame, spacing each shot with a 0.3 second interval. All these pictures are also instantaneously accessible with your notebook's PC card slot, letting you upload these pictures speedily.

Digital Effects
Create stunning special effects with Sony PAL Handycam's brilliant Digital Effects. Still, Flash Motion, Luminance Key, Slow Shutter, Trail or Movie Effects, can be easily applied to your recording for that unique and interesting look.

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