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Sony Multisystem TV : Features Specs

HiBlack Trinitron
With the advent of the new Sony HiBlack Trinitron picture tube, contrast is even further improved by as much as 30%, giving the best Trinitron picture ever! Every HiBlack Trinitron in Sony multi system TVs reduces reflections to deliver clear, vivid images, even in brightly lit situations.

Hyperband CATV Ready
This feature gives you the convenience of turning into cable TV channels in your area without the need for an external converter.

Wake-Up and sleep Timer
Use this handy feature on the Remote Commander to program your Multi System TV to automatically shut off after 30, 60 or 90 minutes. Or program it to turn on - up to 12 hours later - to wake you up in the morning.

100 Programme Memory
To keep pace with the steady expansion of satellite and cable networks, and to give you the widest possible channel selection, the 'G' series multi system TVs have an extra large memory that can hold up to 100 preset channels.

Monitor Output
Use this connector to pass on the A/V signals seen on the screen to another TV, monitor or other video component.

High-Definition Trinitron
the highest standard in CRT technology. It reproduces unparallel picture resolution, with detailed images & vivid colors.

Double-Scan (100hz)
reduces flickering found in conventional TV, for a more stable image that is easier on the eyes.

Twin Picture
this function allows you to monitor two separate images from a variety of sources at the same time.

Basso Speaker
delivers dynamic sound with remarkable clarity & deep, resounding bass.

The FASTEXT function enables quick and easy access to the latest teletext information, by using color-coded buttons on the Remote Commander.

Worldwide Multi-System
This indicates that the model can receive or playback 15 different system-compatible color signals and broadcast signals from around the world, including PAL, SECAM, NTSC 3.58 and NTSC 4.43.

Multiple Picture-In-Picture
For fast and easy channel selection, this feature divides the screen into 9 panels, with new programs and channel indications shown every 5 seconds. Full-screen viewing is easily accessed, using the Remote Commander. If more than 9 channels can be received, subsequent screens for up to 100 channels can be called up on the system by remote control.

Multi Stereo
With this feature, on Sony multi system TV, you can receive NICAM B/G, NICAM I digital stereo and A2 (German) stereo in your area automatically, when those signals are broadcast in your area.

High Contrast Screen
improved contrast and increased black level for more vivid colors

Power VM
A 15% modulation boost in the VM coil and an increase in the frequency range by 4Mhz marks the new-improved Power VM. With these enhancements, the Power VM has the ability to work horizontally to detect more points along the vertical edges of the images. This dramatically helps separate edges and areas where abrupt dark-to-light changes occur. Edges become sharper, minute details are revealed accurately, subtle differences in shading become noticeable and colour is more vivid and richer. In fact, thanks to Power VM, the quality of the image is unlike anything you've seen before.

Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound
Dolby Stereo is the motion picture sound system that consists of four channels of audio information. Left and Right establish the stereo sweep across the front, while the Centre channel makes sure dialogue is "anchored" on the screen. And the Surround channels reproduce ambient, "background" sound which completes the illusion of being there in the programme. Together, they form a seamless 360 degrees field of sound that places you right in the thick of the action.

High-Contrast Screen
The scratch-resistant High-Contrast Screen protects both the TFF Screen and Fine-Pitch Lenticular Screen. With this screen, you'll experience approximately 25% more contrast, for richer, more involving TV pictures, with the added "bite" of deeper blacks.

Dolby Pro-Logic Centre Speaker Input
To facilitate your enjoyment with the incredible Dolby Pro-Logic system, the Kirara Basso E61 has a user-friendly feature whereby the built-in speakers can be switched to the Centre speaker function in the Dolby Pro-Logic set-up, thus eliminating the need for an external speaker.

Wide Trinitron
allows you to enjoy the powerful visual impact of wide view effect delivering brighter pictures & sharper images.

Game Mode
adjusts the picture automatically to a level that is easy on the eyes, allowing longer periods of playtime.

Dynamic Bass Feedback (D.B.F.B)
If there's one thing that music lovers agree on, it's that their system must have deep muscular bass. Sony's Dynamic Bass Feedback (D.B.F.B) automatically adjusts bass response to emphasize low frequency sound, kicking out maximum bass when you need it most.

Mega Digital PIP
This feature in Sony's multi System TV divides the inset picture into 9 panels. To study scenes in detail, select Strobe Effect to display still frames in sequence from the programme being viewed. For easy programme selection, choose Programme index to show a new programme every few seconds in each panel.

Power Basso
One push of the Power Basso button gives you powerful full-bodied sound with sweeter treble and thunderous bass.

Digital Comb Filter
The Digital Comb Filter provides digital processing to minimize dot-crawl distortion and colour noise (cross-colour). The result is a clearer and more accurate separation of luminance and colour signals than that produced by a general comb filter on multi system Television.

Vertical Aperture Controller
Video signal are controlled and processed by the Vertical Aperture controller to eliminate loss of detail and sharpness. With signal purity, more horizontal points are detected along the vertical axis, resulting in sharper, more detailed horizontal images and overall improvement in picture quality. Together with the Power VM, the Vertical Aperture Controller vastly refines picture definition.

High Purity Kirara Colour Phosphors
High-grade Kirara colour phosphors assure the most natural and accurate colour possible throughout the entire spectrum. Used in broadcast monitors, Kirara colour phosphors are recognized by specialists the world over for their high degree of colour purity.

Distortion-free Picture
With a screen that's more then 30% flatter than conventional screens, the Super Trinitron plus flat surface provides straight lines and natural curves-both vertically and horizontally-which prevent the image distortion often found on conventional screens. This remarkably flat surface also helps to diffuse reflection to give you excellent picture reproduction, even in brightly lit environments.

Optimum Contrast
The new Super Trinitron plus comes with a newly developed CRT screen. This enhancement provides you with a picture that is brighter by approximately 35%. The degree of black to white contrast is also optimised, for clearer pictures and more sharply defined colours.

Preset Picture Mode
This smart feature lets you select the ideal Picture Mode to match your viewing environment. Dynamic mode provides a bolder picture with increased contrast, ideal for viewing in brightly-lit environments. Standard mode offers a picture with normal contrast and brightness, while Soft mode reproduces a softer image that's easier on your eyes - especially when viewing movies in a dark room.

3D Super Woofer Sound
A superior sound performance is possible only with a sophisticated speaker system of multi system TV dynamic sound. Sony has fitted a full range speaker unit boosted by a Super Woofer in the 'J' series multi system TVs. The full range speaker system ensures bold, rich bass TV/Monitor Output Selectable (Advanced Rec-Out Terminal)
With the Advanced Rec-Out Terminal, you can select either the TV or Monitor output function through the TV Out terminal while watching video or laser disc software. The Monitor Out terminal enables you to record while watching at the same time, videos, laser discs or TV programmes.

Audio/Video Input with Front A/V In
Thanks to the handy A/V input. you can connect your VCR, Laser Disc player or other A/V equipment directly to your multi system Trintron. For easy connection to Camcorders and video games, an A/V input is built right into the front panel.

Dynamic Electromagnetic Quadra-Pole (DQP)
The new DQP recreates sharper and more defined focusing for images. Focus voltage which conforms to a set of waveforms is made even more sensitive and precise to improve focal points across the screen. Together with the Dynamic Focus feature, focal points are also made much sharper with smaller, more precise beam spots. The reduction of beam spots by 10% increases focal sharpness.

Luminance Transient Improvement (LTI)
Where previously, you had trouble making out the grains of sand on a beach or individual leaves on a tree, you can now see the most infinitesimal details in a picture enhanced with LTI. Furthermore, this feature also ensures the clearest pictures with the elimination of picture noise.

Intelligent Picture Noise Cancellation(IPNC)
When poor broadcasting cause weak signals, picture noise is inevitable, resulting in specks and fuzziness throughout the screen. With IPNC, the effects of picture noise are reduced, improving overall image quality.

Dynamic Basso Speaker
When it comes to producing rich, powerful bass, the Wega multi system is well equipped. Two roomy 9-litre speaker boxes house, among other wonders : a special amplifier capable of supplying 15W-per-side output, augmented by a Bass Reflex Duct which smoothly delivers low-frequency signals; and responsive 12cm-diameter speakers which project a dynamic range of sound with distinctive balance and clarity.

Virtual Dolby Surround
With just 2 speakers, the Wega multi system TV is able to reproduce sound using Virtual Dolby surround technology to create the sensation of Dolby Pro-logic previously only achievable with 5 speakers. The two speakers also fill in the ambient, or background, sound completing a seamless 360 degrees audio field that draws you right into the action on screen. The Power Basso button delivers powerful full-bodied sound with a sweeter treble and a richer bass, giving the viewer an unbelievably dynamic three-dimensional audio experience.

Trusurround SRS
Trusurround is a ground-breaking new technology from SRS Labs that creates a broad, fully immersive sound image within the listening area that wraps around the listener's head, regardless of the seating position. Trusurround works best by simply maintaining the normal parallel placement of the original two speakers, without any need for additional speakers or equipment.

The multi system Wega's 5 HyperSurround choice modes - Music, Movie, Space, Hall and News - give you the added audio enjoyment of three-dimensional acoustic effects. Hall and News modes maximize SRS and BBE technology respectively, enhancing your viewing pleasure with the most sensational sound quality.

BBE System
Among a loudspeaker's most important requirements is the ability to reproduce transients -- the brief high-energy bursts at the beginning of sounds. To define the quality of a loudspeaker's transients, the high and low frequencies should be reproduced at a proper time. The BBE system allows the reproduction of the original audio signals more faithfully by progressively adding longer delay time to lower frequencies, thus neutralizing the distorting effect of resistance.

DVD(Component Video) Terminal
The FD Trinitron Wega multi system TVs meets the demands of the latest technology by being the first Sony TV to offer a DVD terminal. This feature allows input of digital component signals from DVD players (as opposed to composite signals and S-Video Signals). These component signals are translated into images of near-perfect clarity and colour reproduction, far superior to not only composite signal but even S-Video signal.

Strobe Effect
The subscreen displays 9 still frames in sequence from the programme being viewed. This makes it ideal for studying sports movements or complex scenes in detail.

Programme Index
The 9-in-1 subscreen shows new programmes and channel indicators every few seconds and up to 100 channels can be called up on screen by remote control. Any of the channels can be instantly selected for full screen viewing.

New Multi-Player Remote Commander
The Remote Commander eliminates the need for several different remote controls for your various audio-video equipment. Compatible with Sony's Multi-Disc Players, multi system VCRs, CD Players, Minidisc and even DVD players, this control features luminous buttons to make selection of functions easy, even in dim light.

Mega Picture-In-Picture (PIP)
PIP allows you to view a main programme as a fullscreen image while a subscreen displays images from another channel, video source or teletext page. With Mega PIP, the subscreen divides into 9 smaller screens for easier reference when it comes to programme selection or studying scenes in detail.

Sound Mode
This smart feature lets you select the ideal sound mode (music, drama, sports, soft) for anything you watch, giving you more realistic sound effects.

Black Trinitron
offers better contrast & picture quality.

Super Pro-Optic System
With our Super Pro-Optic System, you 'll enjoy vibrant images that are 20% crisper than conventional CRTs, with minimal distortion. How is this achieved? With an improved Tri-Component Screen, image distortion, double images and the "hot band" are reduced, while the horizontal viewing angle so widened to a panoramic 150 degrees. What's more, images are made almost 25% richer by an outer, scratch-resistant High-Contrast Screen. And to reduce eye fatigue, an anti-reflective coating reduces ambient light reflection more than 50%.
In addition, the Super Pro-Optic system utilizes 3 shorter-neck Micro-Beam CRTs, whose curved phosphorus surface narrows the light beam for brighter and sharper images. These images are then projected onto the screen by a liquid-cooled Short Focus Hybrid Lens, which preserves picture brightness and improves corner focus.

Centre Speaker input for Dolby ProLogic Surround Sound
This centre speaker input adds an integrated centre channel to the sound system, bringing sound to life - from above, behind, left and right, just like at the movies. Built-in speakers can be switched to a centre speaker configuration during set-up, thus eliminating the need for an extra speaker. What's more, this feature can be easily activated by the remote commander.

Power Basso
And for rich, powerful bass that carries a dynamic range of sound with distinctive balance and clarity, Power Basso has no equal. Cavernous, huge speaker boxes subtly molded into the housing provide powerful, deep tones further boosted by a special amplifier. These are combined with large diameter speakers which faithfully reproduce the wide range of sounds packed into audio-visual soundtracks - accurately and clearly.

Intelligent Volume
Seamless, true-to-life entertainment doesn't stop at more sound power. Multi System Wega TV's are fitted with Intelligent Volume, a technology that eliminates those annoying variations in sound level whenever you change channels. Once activated, the different variations in sound level would be stabilized to your television volume.

Child Lock
The Multi System Wega also comes with Child Lock feature, giving parents control over what their children are watching. The XF and EF series is now equipped with new software that enables parents to block up to 100 channels they feel are unsuitable for their children.

Vertical Twin Speakers
For added sound power, the Multi System Wega XF series comes equipped with six additional speakers built into the television set. These Vertical Twin Speakers are able to reproduce an extreme range of sounds demanded by various broadcasting systems and video hardware, giving you that 'right there' feeling.

Tandem 3D Speaker System
The Multi System Wega XF series is also able to deliver additional sound power with the Tandem 3D System, a sound box that sits atop the TV set. These speakers deliver a stronger and deeper bass sound, lifting you to a whole new experience in dynamic sound quality.

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