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Sony Multi System VCRs: Features Glossary

Sony's Multi System VCR provides high-quality viewing and recording in a variety of colour systems, letting you enjoy video software from around the world. With NTSC 3.58/4.43 Recording and Playback and NTSC Playback on a PAL TV, you can now watch videos purchased in a wide range of locations, including NTSC-system regions such as the USA.

OPC delivers optimum picture quality by adjusting the circuit to match the tapes recording conditions during playback. This ensures clear playback of any video tape – even those recorded on different Multi System VCR.

Sony's Super Durable HEAD lasts 3 times longer than an ordinary head. This means better playback results for video pleasure that lasts a lifetime.

Play videos quickly and easily with the revolutionary new function on Sony's Trinitron Friendly Remote Commander; keep your Trinitron TV and video recorder/player in standby mode and one push of a button does it all. The Trinitron TV Synchro Play (TTSP) button turns on the TV, VCR and, if you have a tape inside the machine, it will begin playback without lifting another finger! Of course, Sony's Trinitron Friendly Remote Commander still offers access to video functions and can even operate your Sony Trinitron TV, letting you to fine tune picture and sound. With the Remote Commander and TTS, you'll never have to fumble with unnecessary remotes or buttons again.

This function allows you to play back scenes in clear slow motion, perfect for studying your golf or tennis swing!

With this feature you no longer need to worry about which system your video tape was recorded on, simply insert the tape and Viewtopia automatically selects correct parameters for playback.

Sony's new video system, APC II, builds and improves on Sony's Adaptive Picture Control technology, which offers vastly improved picture quality during recording and playback, while extending head life. With APC II, you can rest assured that your videos will continue to look their best, year after year.

Direct Karaoke Program: Keeping track of your Karaoke selections is smoother than ever with Direct Karaoke Program, which displays the number of your next selection on the screen without interrupting the main visual.
Self Duet: Even when you're singing by yourself, you can enjoy dramatic duet effects with smart Self Duet. With this function, the Video Cassette Recorder creates a singing partner for you, adjusting your own voice from 1 to 7 steps up or down to harmonize with you while you sing the main melody.
Score Function: Put your singing voice to the test with Score Function, which rates your Karaoke performance. Better yet, set up a competition with family and friends to see who really has the most talent!

Making your own tapes is easier than ever with Sony's user-friendly line recording. Connect a VCR or Camcorder to the input terminal of the VCR, and you're all set to make VHS copies of your personal tapes or edit your original Camcorder masterpieces. You can even record programs right off the air if your multi standard TV is equipped with an RCA output jack. A VCR with line recording does not record of the TV itself.

The built-in auto head cleaner provides routine maintenance of the video head each time you play. As it works concurrently with Sapphire Tape Cleaner, you can expect an enhanced level of protection and excellent picture quality with Sony's PAL-NTSC multi system VCRs.

Sony's new Click Shuttle makes controlling the speed and direction of playback a snap. In Play mode, click the dial once clockwise for Double Speed or twice for Forward Search. Click the dial 1 to 6 times counterclockwise for the following respective playback modes: 1/5 Forward Slow, Pause, 1/5 Reverse Slow, Reverse Play (Normal Speed), x2Reverse, and Reverse Search.

The Sapphire Tape Cleaner, Sony's exclusive technological breakthrough, safeguards your precious video tapes! The Sapphire Tape Cleaner automatically cleans video tapes while they play, removing dust and mould before passing through the video head. This prevents video head clog that ruins VCRs, adding life and durability to your video head. With Sapphire Tape Cleaner, you can now enjoy enhanced picture quality!

This feature makes it easy to connect your PAL or NTSC Camcorder, and you can insert narration or your favorite music onto tape. With narration or music added, your Camcorder videos can become great documentaries and personal mementos. Front Line Input also allows connection of another video player, or even more editing freedom.

New Replay Button
The New Replay Button lets you replay a great film stunt or that final shot on goal without the hassle of trying to rewind just a bit. Press the button after captivating moment and the last ten seconds will automatically replay. Push up to 4 times for 40 seconds of replay, to capture the entire scene. Movie buffs and sports fans will love the no-fuss control.

You can enjoy the intense sound of HiFi stereo tapes and TV programmes when playing back and recording from other video sources. Simply connect it to your stereo TV or HiFi system for high- quality, home entertainment sound.

ONE Touch Tuning
Setting up your TV channels has never been easier. Just plug in your multi system VCR and press the 'One Touch Tuning' button for an immediate setup of all available TV channels.

'S' Mecha - Strong Mechanism
Sony's new 'S' Mecha incorporates a special aluminum die-cast drum base and a lower drum which is 20% thicker than competing multi system models. This aluminium base absorbs shock to keep the video drum head stable - especially during recording and playback - while the thicker lower drum allows for more stable tape transport and superior playback accuracy. Together, these components achieve reduced playback noise for clearer reproduction of your favourite videos.

Easy Timer Recording - In 3 easy steps!
With the user-friendly controls on the front panel, scheduling a timed recording is easy enough for anyone. By using the Easy Timer Recording button and a 2-button time adjuster, you can programme timed recordings in just 3 easy steps - a fast and easy process that takes no more than 30 seconds.
1) Enter the start time
2) Enter the stop time
3) Select the desired programme channel

It's now easier than ever to record TV programs with the handy G-code system. For each program you wish to record, simply input the G-code number listed in the newspaper or your television guide, and the rest is automatic! You don't even have to set the recording start and stop time or channel, unlike troublesome conventional systems. Even people who have always found program recording to be confusing will enjoy the true easy operation delivered by G-code feature of Sony's multi system VCR.
Control up to 40 different brands of TVs with the amazing Multi Brand Remote Commander. This special remote also has Trinitron Friendly Commands to fine tune picture and sound and to control the volume and channel on your Trinitron TV. Plus, the Multi Brand Remote Commander comes with Illuminated Buttons for easy operation in dark movie or party atmospheres.
  • Compatible with the following 16 key brands: Sony, Aiwa, Grundig, Hitachi, JVC, Mitsubishi, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Thompson, Toshiba

    Additional Line-In for Satellite Connection
    Thanks to the additional line-in on Sony's latest PAL-NTSC multi system VCRs, you can connect your video deck to an auxailiary satellite decoder without having to change your other video connections! This system expands your home entertainment options, since you can use one line input to record programmes from your satellite and other inputs for connecting components such as an LD or VCD player.

    Additional Line-In for Satellite Connection
    A front line input allows easy connection of PAL or NTSC Camcorders, Video CD Players, etc., for greater ease-of-operation during recording or editing. What's more, Audio Dubbing lets you replace the soundtrack of any finished recording with any music or narrative. Perfect for a truly personalized video recording.

    HiFi Stereo (NICAM/German Stereo-Zweiton)
    With the SLV-MN version you can enjoy the intense sound of HiFi stereo TV broadcasting, even if your television is not multiplex stereo-capable. Simply connect the deck to your stereo system for HiFi stereo playback for a wide range of programmes. Since the SLV-ED7MN handles both NICAM and German Stereo reception, you can enjoy access to a wealth of entertainment options.

    1-Dial Easy Timer Recording
    Easy Timer Recording now simplifies complex programming steps. With a quick 'Push' and 'Turn', Easy Timer Recording lets you program any recording schedule with in seconds.

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