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FAQ's: 110V-220V Music Stereo Systems

Q: What is the difference between P.M.P.O. and RMS power?
A: P.M.P.O is a peak music power output delivered by system's amplifier - maximum wattage at peak of music. RMS is the amount of continuous power per channel delivered by amplifier in watts. RMS figures the true wattage to measure the loudness and purity of music. Higher RMS produces cleaner and louder sound.

What is the difference between Dolby Prologic and Dolby Digital?
Dolby prologic system uses 5 speakers to deliver four channels of sound to center, front left, front right and surround. While Dolby digital use five channels (5.1) and separates the rear surround in to discrete stereo left and right channels that delivers completely different sound to the left rear and right rear at the same time. 1 of 5.1 can also be used to connect a subwoofer for bass boost.

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