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Key Features: Multi System Televisions

pal stands for phase alternation lines (625 lines) offers more picture detail and wider luminance (color signal) bandwidth. PAL has been adopted by almost all 50 HZ (50 cycles) countries in the world.
NTSC (American TV Standard)
NTSC stands for national television standard committee which established American TV broadcast TV standard as a 525 line broadcast. NTSC system has higher frame rate which reduces visible flicker and picture noise.
SECAM stands for sequential couleur AVEC memoire designed by the French and was adopted in France and Eastern Europen countries. Secam system has higher number of SCAM lines (625 lines) which offers more picture detail and stable hues.
The ratio of width to height for an image or TV screen. The American NTSC, most European and Asian PAL - SECAM television broadcast standard is 4:3
Rear Audio/Video inputs are used to connect a VCR, DVD player and a Camcorder. Front A/V input is used to connect a Camcorder or a video game for convenience.
Chrominance is associated with a video signal's color portion.
Luminance is associated with a color video signal's brightness (black and white) component.
Comb filler is used to remove residual color (chrominance) Component from the brightness (luminance) single which cleans up the images.
This term is used in a reference to the sharpness of picture in horizontal direction. The number of vertical lines from one side to other side of the screen.
S-Video input jacks on TVS are used to connect Super VHS VCRS, HI-8 and digital 8 video cameras for superb picture quality.
Teletext is a subtitling system, an information service of 200-700 pages which covers wide-range of topic like news, TV schedules, reviews and financial information.
Fastext is an enhanced version of teletext system which defines four links to additional pages that can be followed with one of four colored buttons on the remote control of the teletext receiver.
Nicam stands for near instantaneously commanded audio multiplex and is a digital two-channel audio transmission with sub-code selection of bi-lingual operation. Some multi system TVs and VCRs are built-in nicam stereo decoder.

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