• Converts 220/240V AC foreign electricity to 110/120V AC 50/60HZ
  • Pure AC Output for use with all types of appliances rated 1-100 Watts
  • 100 Watt 220/240V to 110/120V AC - Step Down Travel Converter
  • For continuous use with Computers, Printers, Fax Machines, Stereo Systems and other electronic devices
  • * WE DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS CONVERTER WITH ANY APPLIANCE THAT USES HEAT, FOR EXAMPLE: Coffee Makers, Water Kettles, Microwaves, Tea Pots, Toasters, Ovens, Rice Cookers..... Hair Dryers, Curling Irons
Price: $15.99

      Heavy Duty Step Up/Down Transformers aka Voltage Converters, Voltage Transformers, Power Converters, Step Up Converters, Step Down Converters, Dual Voltage Transformers, are meant for worldwide use for all electronics, heavy duty machines, or household & industrial applications.
      • 100 Watts Heavy Duty Step Down Voltage Transformer Converter. Step Down Voltage from 220-240 Volts to 110-120 Volts. The manufacture recommends you purchase a transformer that is 50 to 100% higher then the wattage you need. You should know that you will never damage your appliance with a higher wattage transformer, however if you buy temp-one that is not powerful enough, it will not work. Use Amps to calculate watts Volts x (times) Amps -$2$3$4= Watts, For Example 110V x 5A = 550W
      • Please note transformers are to be used with caution in any case. Keep away from moisture areas and children. We assume no responsibility for misused transformers. We can always recommend a certain size and model for any appliance or electronic that you have. Please contact us if you have any questions.Deluxe Converter for American voltage devices to use in overseas countries with 220/240 volt outlets.