All of these products are made specifically for Foreign Countries. These products run on 220-240 Voltage, which is only found Overseas. Please do not try to use these products here in the USA.

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Daewoo 220 Volt Single Hot Plate Electric Burner 1500W Variable Heat Setting
Price: $48.99
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Daewoo Item #: DI-9302 -

    BRAND NEW DAEWOO 220V ELECTRIC HOT PLATE Enjoy all of your favorite foods perfectly hot with the help of this Daewoo Electric Hot Plate Burner. It allows you to warm up anything from Milk and Water, to Soups and other foods too. You can even use it to cook food and meats because it functions just like a normal Burner, except it is Electric so you plug it into the Wall. It is made specifically to work Overseas because it runs on 220 Voltage, not in the USA because we use 110/120 Voltage. ...

    Nikai NKTOE5N2 220-240 Volt Double Hot Plate Burner For Overseas Use Nikai NKTOE5N2 hot plate burner, 220 burners, 220v double burners, 220v hotplates, hot plate 220v, 220-240 Volt burner, 220 volt Double Hot Plate Burner
    Price: $68.99
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    Nikai Item #: NKTOE5N2 -

      220V-240V FOR USE IN EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICAWILL NOT WORK IN USA/CANADA220-240 VOLT Nikai NEW DOUBLE BURNER ELECTRIC HOT PLATE Perfect for any heating situation! Heat your favorite soup or reheat your cooked meal. Boil water for pasta or tea! No need to be stuck indoors, just be close to any power outlet overseas and you can have this burner setup in no time! Makes a great gift for your family and friends overseas!SPECIFICATIONS: Twin hot plateAdjustable thermostat controlPower indicator...

      Philips 220 Volt Induction Cooker Hot Plate Burner 220V 50Hz Non-U.S Compliant
      Price: $142.99
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      Philips Item #: HD4932 -

        MADE FOR OVERSEAS USE ONLY.NOT FOR USE IN THE USA/Canada220 Volt 50Hz VOLTAGE For Use in Europe/Asia/AfricaBRAND NEW PHILIPS HD4932 220V-240V INDUCTION COOKER HOTPLATENutrition is essential to good health. Philips induction cooker shortens cooking time by 1/3, and so better seals nutrients into the food. The induction cooker comes with a variety of cooking programs for healthy eating. Plus, as an added bonus, you get a FREE Stainless Steel Cooking Pot so you can use this Induction Cooker...

        TEFAL 220 Volt Induction Cooker Hot Plate Burner HOB 220V 50Hz (NOT FOR USA)
        Price: $131.99
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        TEFAL Item #: IH201840 -

          MADE FOR OVERSEAS USE ONLYNOT FOR USE IN THE USA/Canada220-240 Volt 50Hz VOLTAGE For Use in Europe/Asia/AfricaBRAND NEW GENUINE TEFAL 220V-240V INDUCTION COOKER HOTPLATEEnjoy this versatile, high quality, portable ceramic hob with durable, scratch resistant ceramic plate. Whether you are needing extra space for food preparation or on the go with access to an electricity supply, this compact appliance is the perfect essential. This Induction Hob performs multi-cooking functions, providing fast,...