All of these products are made specifically to work in foreign countries overseas. They will only run on foreign 220 Voltage or 230 Voltage or 240 Voltage. They will not work here in the USA because we use 110 Voltage and 120 Voltage. Please do not attempt to use these product in the USA; doing so would void your warranty, void the return policy, and we will not accept the product back for a refund.

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Alpina NEW 220 Volt Mica Portable Space Heater 220v Room Heater SF-9351
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Alpina Item #: SF-9351 -

    ALPINA LARGE SIZED ROOM HEATER This room Heater gives out up to 1200 watts of power that's good enough to heat any size of room. The Adjustable Thermostat Temperature Control allows you to achieve your ideal room temperature. Great for friends and family in other countries overseas! Please note that this heater is longer in length than other space heaters; the length of this heater is approximately 22-24inches. MODEL: SF-9351 - Heater Type: Fan Heater- Heat Settings: 2- Thermal Cutoff Safety...