Price: $249.99

    This Sony brings the excitement of the cinema into your home. Its sophisticated minimalist design of the main unit and the vertical loudspeakers creates a special atmosphere for your film session. Designed to provide better and more powerful solution picture and sound, requiring no additional speakers, this System stands out for its ability to stun you with its beauty, without any extra hassle. Maximize your entertainment experience with this new Home Theater system. Perfect for anyone who enjoys DVD Videos from around the world!


    Power Output - Front (RMS)50W
    Power Output - Center (RMS)50W
    Power Output - Surround (RMS)50W
    Power Output - Subwoofer (RMS)50W
    Power Consumption (in Operation)34W
    Power Consumption (in Standby)0.5W
    Power Output - Total (RMS)300W
    Speaker Terminal (Front/Centre/Surround/Subwoofer)Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes
    Movie/Music ModeYes/Yes
    Dolby DigitalYes
    BRAVIA SyncYes
    Control for HDMIYes
    Dolby Pro Logic/Dolby Pro Logic IIYes/-
    Power Save ModeYes
    Video Signal OUT (HDMI) Upscale 720p/1080i for DVD-/Yes
    Decoding Format for Sound (Playback)MP3/WMA9/AAC
    Decoding Format for Picture (Playback)JPEG
    Decoding Format for Video (Playback)Xvid Home/MPEG4 Simple Profile
    Encoding Format for Sound (Record)MP3/WMA9/AAC
    MP3 File Name/ID3Tag Ver. 1.1/ID3Tag Ver. 2.0)MP3/WMA9/AAC
    Play Mode (Normal)Yes
    Play Mode (Shuffle)Yes
    Play Mode (Repeat)Yes
    Play Mode (Resume)Yes
    External FM/AM AntennaFM (75ohm)
    Station Preset20 (FM)
    DVD/DVD Audio/SACD/CD/Video CDYes/-/-/Yes/Yes
    CD-R/CD-RW PlaybackYes/Yes
    DVD-R/+R/+R DL/+RW/-RW/-RW(VR) Playback (Some discs may not be played back)Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes/-
    JPEG PlaybackYes
    MP3 PlaybackYes
    MP3/ID3Tag Ver.1.1/iD3Tag Ver.2.0Yes/Yes/Yes
    Multi Disc Resume (DVD,VCD)5 discs for DVD, 10 discs for CD-DA/VCD
    Tray LockYes
    Play Mode (Shuffle / Program / Repeat) CD/VCD/SA-CD onlyYes/Yes (CD-DA only)/Yes
    Front Speaker Type (Grill)Fixed/Punching Metal
    Front Speaker System1 way
    Front Speaker Woofer Unit65mm
    Centre Speaker System1 way
    Centre Speaker Unit65mm
    Surround Speaker Type (Grill)Fixed / Punched Metal
    Surround Speaker System1 way
    Subwoofer SystemSubwoofer
    Subwoofer - Active/PassivePassive
    Subwoofer Speaker Unit130mm
    Front Speaker Length of Supplied Cable2.5m
    Centre Speaker Type (Grill)Fixed / Punched Metal
    Centre Speaker Length of Supplied Cable2m
    Surround Speaker Length of Supplied Cable7m
    Subwoofer Length of Supplied Cable3m
    Surround Speaker Unit65mm
    Main Unit Size (W x H x D)Approx. 340 x 56 x 325 mm
    Main Unit WeightApprox. 2.1kg
    Front Speaker Size (W x H x D)Approx. 165 x 570 x 165 mm
    Front Speaker WeightApprox. 1.7kg
    Centre Speaker Size (W x H x D)Approx. 265 x 94 x 70 mm
    Centre Speaker WeightApprox. 0.6kg
    Surround Speaker Size (W x H x D)Approx. 103 x 164 x 85 mm
    Surround Speaker WeightApprox. 0.5kg
    Subwoofer Size (W x H x D)Approx. 160 x 315 x 295 mm
    Subwoofer WeightApprox. 3.0kg