All of these products are made specifically for Foreign Countries. These products run on 220-240 Voltage, which is only found Overseas. Please do not try to use these products here in the USA. 

These stovetops are perfect for anyone who wishes to bring a little style into their life. These stylish stovetops are designed to make your guests say "wow"! These stovetops are much easier to clean than traditional ones because these have one, continuously smooth surface, which allows to complete the cleaning process in just a minute or two. Plus, the modern black coloring fits well with any decor. Don't delay, get these great stovetops before they're gone forever!

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Samsung NEW Stylish 220-240v Electric Cooktop Hob Stovetop  C61R2AEE
Price: $249.99
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Samsung Item #: C61R2AEE -

    SAMSUNG 220 VOLT ELECTRIC COOKTOP/STOVETOP 220V This NEW Samsung Cooktop is great for any home. It is sleek and has no knobs, which makes any kitchen look chic and stylish. Please note that this Cooktop has to be hardwired directly into your home's power supply, just like any other Major Appliance. We recommend calling your local Electrician to do this job for you because they will know the easiest and best way to install it. ...