Bring your favorite music to life with the help of these Compact Stereo Systems. You can listen to any type of music at any time, all with great bass and treble. Fill your entire room with clear sound and the finest tunes from the Radio, CD Player, Tape Deck, or USB input. These Stereo Systems are about as compact as it gets; perfect for any small apartment or living space. These units are large enough to give you great sound, but also small enough to not be a bother to your neighbors or roommates.

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Pioneer 220 Volt DVD CD System with iPod iPhone Dock 220V Europe Asia Overseas
Price: $249.99
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Pioneer Item #: X-EM21V -

Whether you want to crank it up or turn it down, this tidy, little system can keep up with just about any tune from just about any source. Once it's plugged in and connected to the 2 speakers, all you have to do is bring the music. Small in size and subtly designed, the X-EM21V fits into any living space.The 2-channel, 10W speakers produce enough sound to power any party, and our P-BASS feature keeps those lows clear and steady. As well as CDs, DVDs and MP3s, the X-EM21V can play music from...