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International Travel Plug Adapter Kit - SS413
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Seven Star Item #: SS-413 -

    This Seven Star SS-413 Plug adaptor set Includes 4 Conversion Plug Adapters for use in U.S.A, England, Australia and Continental Europe. (Type A, C, I, and G)

    International Voltage Converter Adapter Kit - SS1650
    Price: $25.95
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    Seven Star Item #: SS-1650 -

      This Seven Star Adapter Converter Kit is perfect for any vacation overseas. Since it is small in size and can fit in the palm of your hand, it barely takes up any space in your luggage bags. The Converter in this Kit comes built-in with the Standard 2-Round Pin European/Asian style of plug, but you can get it to fit any Wall Outlet overseas by attaching one of the Plug Adapters that are included in this kit to it.Designed for small appliances with 50-1600 wattsSwitchable Low-High Wattage...

      SS204K International Travel Voltage Adapter Kit
      Price: $12.99
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      Seven Star Item #: SS204-K -

        Seven Star SS-204-K 1600 Watt converter, Converts 220 Volt to 110 Volt, Plug Adapters For USA, Europe, UK, Australia Converts 220/240 volt foreign electricity to North American 110/120 volt electricity Enables traveler to use 110 volts North American small electronic items and appliances, including hair dryers, heating pads, irons toasters etc. in countries that have 220/240 volts AC power. Includes 4 different adaptor plugs that can be used almost in every country Up to 1600 watts...

        World Multi Travel Plug adapter
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        Seven Star Item #: SS-450 -

          This Seven Star SS450 multifunctional transformation socket is a compact one piece unit with 4 international adaptors, and provides a child protection safety shutter, Power indicator light and surge protector. This item will fit the plugs in Europe UK/USA/CHINA/JAPAN/AUSTRALIA/SPAIN and almost every country in the word. Specifications: All-in-one adapter with surge protector (anti-thunder)Compact, one piece unit with 4 international adaptersEasy to use all-in-one adapter fits electrical...

          All-in-one Universal Travel Plug adapter with USB Charger
          Price: $9.99
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          Seven Star Item #: SS-430 -

            Seven Star SS-430 Universal Travel Power Converter AC Adapter USB Charger Features: Universal USB Charger: Charge your mobile electronics with compatible USB charging cable through the built-in USB charger.Eliminating the need of bringing numerous chargers.High Power Output: Provides up to 1 amp of power for the most power hungry devices.AC Power and USB Power status indicator: Indicating the power status of the AC power port and the USB power port.Power up and charge simultaneously:...