Although they are not as much in demand as Power Converters and Voltage Stabilizers, Power Generators can be life-savers for people travelling to countries that experience frequent power outages. Currently, the only type of Generator we carry is the Gasoline Feed type. This means that it uses Gasoline to give out Electricity to you. So, what you would do is fill the tank on top with standard Gasoline, turn the Generator on, then connect your appliance or computer or electronics to the plugs on the side of the Generator, and that's how you would get power even during a neighborhood power outage. Some people even connect the Generator directly into the fuse box in their home, but that is not necessary. But, since our Generators weights nearly 90 Pounds, it is difficult to ship and physically carry them. Please keep this in mind when purchasing. All Generators will be heavy, no matter where you purchase them from.

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Zaiko 220 Volt 50HZ Gasoline Power Generator GTR-Z950
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    MADE FOR 220v/240v 50Hz (Africa, Asia, Europe)NOT FOR USE IN THE USABRAND NEW 650 WATT BACKUP Gasoline POWER GENERATORPerfect for outdoors or in your garage! It is a good thing to have in case your power goes out!Please note transformers are to be used with caution in any case. Keep away from moisture areas and children. We assume no responsibility for misused transformers. We can always recommend a certain size and model for any appliance or electronic that you have. Please contact us if you...