These TVs are all Dual Voltage, which means they can work in any country worldwide with the appropriate plug adapter. Also, these TVs are Multi-System TVs, which means they can play both the Foreign "PAL" Video Signal as well as the American "NTSC" Video Signal. Please note that if you wish to use these TVs here in the USA to watch American programming, you will need to have a Cable Receiver Box or Satellite Receiver Box from your local Service Provider and connect it through the RCA or HDMI port, not the Coaxial Antenna port. In the USA, you will not be able to connect an Antenna into these TVs; you can do that only if you are in a foreign country overseas. These TV's come in many sizes and we usually have nearly every size available, so if you do not see a size you are interested in, just call or email us and we will be able to find it for you.

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Panasonic TH-32AS610 32" Class HD Smart Multi-System MULTISYSTEM MULTI SYSTEM LED LCD DUAL VOLTAGE 110V 110 220V 220 240V 240 100-240 100-240V 110-220 110-220V PAL NTSC SECAM 1080P 720P HIGH DEF HIGH DEFINITION HD WIFI INTERNET STREAMING TV
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    The TH-32AS610 32" HD Smart Multi-System LCD TV allows you to enjoy Internet connectivity and detailed images. This model has a 32" display and features a 1366 x 768 native resolution for viewing high-definition content. 100 Hz Panel Drive technology is on-board to reduce flicker on moving images. As a Smart TV, this model has built-in WiFi and Ethernet connectivity for accessing the TV's built-in apps and web browser. With component video, composite video, two USB, and two HDMI ports, you...