These Surge Protectors and Power Strips are all made to run on foreign 220-240 Voltage. This means they cannot operate here in the USA. The only difference between a Surge Protector and a Power Strip is the fact that Power Strips do not have any Surge Protection feature built-in. So, in other words, a Power Strip is a device that simply gives you more Outlets to use, while a Surge Protector does that as well but also provides protection to your electronics from any fluctuations in power that may come from the wall.

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Seven Star SS505 Universal Surge Protector USB Ports 2A Quick Charging Outlet Travel Power Strip For Multiple Devices
Price: $19.95
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Seven Star Item #: SS505-Sevenstar -

    Seven Star (SS-505) Provide 2 universal outlets and 2 USB ports for every day use. Our power strip is smaller than most AC outlet, very convenience for travel use. It allows you to charge 4 device at same time. Super fast 2A USB ports for your Phone, Tablet, camera and other accessories. Powerful enough for your home and office electrical appliances, computers, laptops, printers, modems, speakers and more. This surge-protector power strip provides a short 1.5-foot power cord to prevent a...

    Seven Star ES-5C Universal 220 Volt 5-Outlet Surge Protector 220V European Cord
    Price: $22.95
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    Seven Star Item #: ES-5C -

      Seven star universal power strip 5 outlets 220v/250v and 3250 watts built-in universal surge protector with circuit breaker for worldwide use. Surge protector Protects your equipment from all the surge & peaks which may damage your equipment in time. Maximum capacity 13 amps or 3250 watts. 5 universal outlets accept plugs from any country. Made of incombustible plastic material. With EMI/RFI noise filter - eliminates the electromagnetic and radio frequency inferences. Model: ES5CVoltage:...

      Seven Star SS-502 220 Volt Surge Protector 5-Outlet Power Strip Type E/F Plug
      Price: $21.95
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      Seven Star Item #: SS-502 -

        Voltage: 220-250V10 Amps max.Euro/Asian style Receptacles: 5 Euro/Asian style socket outlets Type E/FPower cord with 2 round prong grounded plugShuts-Off automatically in case of power surgeLightning surge protectorPerfect for use in countries where power fluctuation is a problem Rated Current: 10 AmpsEuropean/Asian Schuko style grounded receptacles: 5 European/Asian style socket outlets (TYPE E/F)Power cord with 2 prong round Schuko type grounded plugShuts-off automatically in case of power...

        Simran SM-60 Universal 3-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip 110 220 Volt For Worldwide Use
        Price: $18.95
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        Simran Item #: SM-60 -

          Perfect for any trip to any country. This portable mini surge protector gives you more outlets wherever you are. Plus, since the outlets on this surge protector are universal, you can plug any cord from any appliance into it! You may need additional plug adapters in order to make the cord of this surge protector fit in to wall outlets in other countries because this surge protector comes with a built-in Standard 3-Pin Grounded American power cord. A definite must-have for any worldly traveler! ...