DVD Recorders are devices that allow a person to take the video from a DVD, put it onto the Hard Drive of the Recorder, and take that Video and put it into a Blank DVD. This may not be possible for all DVDs because some Film Studios place Copyright Protection blocks inside their DVDs. If you wish to use these DVD Recorders for such a purpose, please keep this information in mind as it may cause some difficulties for you. Our DVD Recorders are marketed more towards the person who has many home movies that they wish to make backups of. Since these Recorders cannot change Video System Outputs, they will not allow you to change a US NTSC Disc into the Foreign PAL Format or vice versa. You can only go from (NTSC Original Disc to NTSC New Disc) or from (PAL Original Disc to PAL New Disc). If you wish to change Video Signal Outputs, you will need an additional Video Signal Converter, which we do also sell in the "Video Signal Converters" section of our website. Please let us know if you have any questions about this process or about any of the products we sell. We are happy to assist you.