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Don't work up a sweat manually scrubbing and washing your dishes, let these automatic Dishwashers do all the hard work for you! All you have to do is place your used dishes in the slots inside the Dishwasher, add a little liquid soap or soap packet (sold separately), and press "start". That's it, all the hard work is done because the machine will do the rest! Think about all the other relaxing things you could do while the Dishwasher does all the scrubbing and washing for you. When you purchase a Dish Washing machine, you're buying more time with your family. So relax, let the machine take care of the dishes; you can just sit back and take care of yourself.

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    FRIGIDAIRE 220 VOLT DISH WASHER This NEW Frigidaire Dish Washer is great for any home overseas. It is sleek and has a clean-looking Silver exterior, which makes any Kitchen look chic and stylish. Whether you own simple Plates and Cups or extravagant Fine China, the features of this Dish Washing Machine will definitely meet your needs.