• Excellent quality Transformer - CE Certified
  • 500 watts maximum capacity
  • Changes 220/240 Volt (Foreign Electricity) down to 110/120 Volt (U.S. Electricity) For using North American appliances in foreign 220v/240v countries.
  • Changes 110/120 Volt (U.S. Electricity) up to 220/240 Volt (Foreign Electricity) for using foreign 220v/240v appliances in North America.
  • Thermal fuse Protection (No need to replace fuse ever!!!)
  • Operates Automatically on 110V/120V/220V/240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Universal socket outlet (accepts plug from most countries including USA, Europe, Asia and UK )
  • AC Shock Proof Sockets
  • Convert Power from 110/120 Volts to 220/240 volts or from 220/240 volts to 110/120 Volts
  • Asian/European style power cord (2 round pin Schuko plug with grounding)
  • American Style wall plug adapter included
  • Dimension: 3'' H x 6'' W x 3'' D Approximate
  • Weight: 4.5 lbs approx.
Price: $42.25


    Made by one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, the Seven Star SF series step up/down voltage transformers offer you a safe, reliable, affordable & convenient solution to converting voltages from 110-120 volts up to 220-240 volts or from 220-240 volts down to 110-120 volts for both home use & industrial applications.

    The SF-500 is rated at 500 watts maximum. It features a heavy-duty cord with a standard round prong plug plus a free regular American outlet plug adapter. There is a input voltage selector on the back of the unit to switch between 110 and 220 volt for the input. The output voltage on the front of the unit is always opposite that of the input voltage selected on the rear of the unit. The output socket on the front panel is universal that accepts both standard U.S and European plugs into it. For extra safety unit has thermal fuse protection system.

    For safety, it’s recommended by the manufacturer that the voltage transformer’s maximum power should be equal or greater than the power rating of your appliance multiplied by 1.5. For example, if you have an appliance rated at 100 watts, you will need to pick a transformer with a maximum power of 150 watts or greater.