World Multi Travel Plug adapter
Price: $5.99

    This multifunctional transformation socket is a compact one piece unit with 4 international adaptors, and provides a child protection safety shutter, Power indicator light and surge protector.This item will fit the pluges in Europe UK/USA/CHINA/JAPAN/AUSTRALIA/SPAIN and almost erery country in the word. Specifications:
  • All-in-one adapter with surge protector (anti-thunder)
  • Compact, one piece unit with 4 international adapters
  • Easy to use all-in-one adapter fits electrical wall outlets in the most Commonly traveled regions
  • Can be used in UK, Ireland, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, the Middle East region, parts of Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, North / South America, and Japan, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and China
  • Protects your computer and personal appliances from spikes in foreign Electricity
  • Accepts earthed / unearthed plugs from dozens of countries
  • Safety Shutter
  • Universal oulet (recepticle)
    Caution: This product does not convert electrical current. You may require a converter or transformer for your single voltage appliance
    Important: do not use more than one plug at a time when using this product in an electrical outlet
  • Power indicator light
  • Clamping
  • Dissipation: 120 joules
  • Electrical rating: 110-250V, 2200W MAX