All of these products are made specifically to work in foreign countries overseas. They will only run on foreign 220 Voltage or 230 Voltage or 240 Voltage. They will not work here in the USA because we use 110 Voltage and 120 Voltage. Please do not attempt to use these product in the USA; doing so would void your warranty, void the return policy, and we will not accept the product back for a refund. Please have an experienced electrician install these products in your home for you.

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Frigidaire MKRN13GWAWB 6 cu.ft./170 L 220 Volts Dryer
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    FRIGIDAIRE ELECTRIC Front LOADING DRYER This NEW Frigidaire Dryer is great for any home overseas. It is sleek and has a clean-looking white exterior, which makes any basement or laundry room look chic and stylish. Whether you simple or extravagant clothing, the features of this Dryer will meet your needs.

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      FRIGIDAIRE WASHER & DRYER COMBO GENTLEST WASHThe Immersion Care Wash Action moves water through clothes for a more thorough, gentle cleaning as well as less stretching, tangling and wrinkling. FRESH WATER RINSEAdvanced rinse technology uses fresh water during the rinse cycle, for whiter whites, brighter color and clothes that feel fresh and are allergen free. MULTIPLE WASH CYCLESFeatures multiple wash cycles to meet all of your washing needs such as delicate, quick cycle, heavy duty. ...