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Mastex 220 Volt Heating Pad Moist Or Dry 220V 240V 50 60Hz (Non-US Compliant)
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    MASTEX 500 220 VOLT HEATING PAD This Heating Pad is perfect for anyone who frequently experiences back pain, as the warming sensation created by the pad can help alleviate the pain for a short time. It's also useful for anyone who lives in a cold climate region of the world. Since it runs on 220-240 Voltage, it can only be used outside the USA.

    Bilt-Rite 610 220-240 Volt Travel Heating Pad Moist Dry 220v European Plug Cord
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      220V-240V FOR USE IN EUROPE, ASIA, AFRICAWILL NOT WORK IN USA/CANADANEW MASTEX BILT-RITE 220-240 VOLT Travel HEATING PAD Soothing moist or dry heat brings comforting relief to sore, aching muscles and joints Recommended for sports injuries, strains, tired muscles and relief of temporary arthritic pain1 SpeedWet proof pad constructionRemovable, washable outer coverPad size 12" X 15"Model: Bilt-Rite 610220 volt with Euro/Asian style power cord (two rounded prongs aka Schuko Plug)PLEASE NOTE:...