• Up to 50 Watt Capacity
  • Thermal Fuse Protection
  • Converts 220-240 volts down to 110-120 volts
  • Type G plug used in England, Ireland, UAE, Hong Kong and many African countries
  • For cell phone chargers, small electronics items, Radios, Cassette Players, CD-DVD Players, Shavers, trimmers, clippers, iPod and camera chargers, cellphone chargers, digital picture frames, small decorative lights, small lamps etc. (not good for hair dryers, curlers, flat irons or heat producing appliances).
  • Converts 220 volt to 110 volt to use North American Appliances in Overseas countries
  • Model: Seven Star SS215
  • Weight: 15oz. Approx.
  • Price: $9.99


      Seven Star SS215 UK British Style Travel Voltage Converter Converts 220/240 to 110/120 volt allowing to use standard North American appliances in UK, Africa, UAE. Works well with Shavers, boomboxes, Telephones, chargers and other small devices. Fitted with British style 3 prong square plug.

    • For use with travel appliances like Razors, Radios, Shavers, AC Adapters, Rechargers and other Small electric items under 50 Watts
    • Converts 220/240 volt electricity down to 110/120 volt US electricity to use appliances in UK, Ireland, Africa, UAE
    • Built-in 3 prong UK plug (input male)
    • US type socket (output female)
    • 50 w watt max capacity
    • Made by Seven Star Model SS215